more techy lingo-PPC advertising

what is PPC advertising.? I know you are thinking, oh gosh more techy lingo.  This one will be easy for you to remember.  PPC known as pay per click or cost per click is an internet advertising model used to drive internet traffic to your website. You would pay a search engine or a website owner to advertise on their page.  When someone clicks on your advertisement, you pay your host (the person that let you advertise). This form of advertising is widely used by businesses large and small.  There is unfortunately a charge that you will have to pay to use this service. Why would you use it? Many businesses use this because they know that their customer base uses the internet to seek out their needs.  How many times have you used google or siri to find an item or location of a business?  Most of us use these search engines on a daily basis to find what we are looking for.   The moment you take out a paid ad on a search engine, your good or serviced can found through a  search . The customer is then directed to your website.  There is a downside. PPC advertising can be costly and if you are operating on a low to no advertising budget, you must look in to maximizing key terms or words. Only start with a low-cost campaign and only continue to use the words that are driving the most traffic to your website.  The search engines will show you graphs, and which keywords were most successful.  There is some hope though, many of the larger search engines offer a free credit or incentive to join their service.

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