Are you going to Yelp?

Another social media platform that is used frequently is Yelp.  When I first began in business, I never thought of the power of Yelp. You would think it is not as powerful as the other social media platforms. I read an article just recently that Yelp receives over 200 million viewers a month. Yes, I said over 200 million, that’s not a typo.  I believe that Yelp is your silent giant.   If your business is listed on Yelp, you must start the process providing proof of business. In addition, you will need to add additional information like business address, phone numbers, and a website URL (address). As you add to your business profile, it is helpful to your customers if you add photos of your service or if you are a restaurant, a menu and pictures of your food. You can offer an incentive like coupon or a promotion offer for a visit or a comment.  Yelp offers low cost options to advertise from $25 a month to more expensive options depending on what you need.   I use Yelp multiple times a week as a consumer, whether I am seeking restaurant, a service or to find some fun.  You should not neglect this option


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